Bauerschmidt Census Database

About the Database
How many times have you wished that you could search census records by computer instead of looking at microfilm? Don't you wish that you could go straight to the Bauerschmidts instead of looking at hundreds of unrelated soundex codes? What if you don't know where your ancestors were living? Wouldn't you like to be able to search all 50 states at once?

The Bauerschmidt census database project was created to answer these problems. It contains the names of Bauerschmidts, and only Bauerschmidts, that are listed on U.S. census indexes. Although the project is still in its infancy, it already contains the records for several states based on 1880 - 1920 soundex indexes.

NOTE: “Bauersmiths” are included in this database, if and only if, it has been positively verified that they are really Bauerschmidts.

Sources of Information
This database was compiled using the soundex indexes for the 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 national census.

Information is available for the following states: CA, IA, IN, KS, MD, MN, MO, NY, OH, OK, PA, SD and WI.

There are no Bauerschmidts listed in the soundex index for the following states: AL, MI, MS, NB, and NJ. Therefore, you will NOT find any database entries for these states.

How to use the Database
You may search on any specific or all census years at once. You may search on any specific state or all states at once. Results will be fastest for a more specific search, so entering a year and state is recommended. Last names are not required since spellings were often phonetic (they reflect how the census taker spelled them, not how your ancestors did). If you are interested in an individual, you will need to bring up their family group to see if they were living with any other Bauerschmidts. This is highly recommended, since usually the only way to tell whether it is really your ancestor is to try to match the entire family.

The database can only provide potential matches. It is up to you to verify whether or not this is really your ancestor. The database cannot provide you with any more information than is contained in the census returns.

The age in the result set is always reported as an approximation on census returns, particularly for adults. An age which is blank means that the age wasn't listed in the original record or was not present. An age of zero means an infant less than the age of 1.

Updating the Database
If you have information on Bauerschmidts that are not listed in this database or if you believe that an entry contains an error, please send an e-mail with the pertinent information and we will revise the database as necessary.

Ready to Search
Go to the Census Search and enter your search criteria.

What if My Ancestor is not in the Database?
Before you panic, try variant spellings of their first name. Database entries appear as they are recorded on the actual census, so there is more than one spelling for any given name (e.g., John, Johann, Catherine, Katherine, Katherina, Margaret, Margretha, etc.). Even if you still can't find them, don't panic, this database is based on the soundex indexes for the U.S. census, not the actual census returns themselves. Therefore, it is still possible that your ancestor is included in the actual census returns. To find your missing ancestor, you will have to search the census microfilm for the enumeration district that contained the area where you believe they were living. You should also try looking at state census records which were usually held in different years than the federal census and may contain different information than the federal census returns.

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