Fun Bauerschmidt Websites

Note all links on this page are to businesses with the name "Bauerschmidt" in the title or are owned by someone with the "Bauerschmidt" surname. These links are provided for amusement only. No claims are made about the quality or honesty of these proprieters. Use at your own risk. There are now numerous German sites for "Smith" family farms that show up as "bauer-schmidt" or "schmidt-bauer" or some variant spelling. We have not included any of those sites here.


Ferienhof Bauernschmitt, Waischenfeld, Germany - A motor lodge run by Toni Bauernschmitt in the Swiss Franconia region of Bavaria. Her family also raises golden retrievers, see their website at Golden Retriever vom Blassenberg

Gastehaus Bauerschmitt, Ahorntal, Germany - A pension (guesthouse) run by Magareta and Josef Bauerschmitt.

Landgasthof Bauernschmitt, Pottenstein, Germany - A motor lodge run by Rosemarie and Dieter Bauernschmitt.

Bei Bauernschmied, Marquartstein, Germany - A farmhouse with rooms for rent and an on-site Schnapps brewery.

Bauernschmidt Manor, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. - A bed and breakfast in the former home of Frederick Bauernschmidt, the Balitmore brewer and philanthropist. It is actually located on Bauernschmidt drive.

Bauerschmidt Mal Bon, Monterey, California, U.S. - A bed and breakfast in the Big Sur area.

Food and Beverages

Getränke Bauernschmitt - a beverage delivery business in Albersweiler, Germany

Bauer Schmidt Restaurant Bistro - Restaurant and cafe in Weilerbach, Germany

Franken Weingut Bauerschmitt - Wine seller, Zeil am Main, Germany

Professional Services

Karen Bauernschmidt - Real estate tax attorney in Cleveland, Ohio

Norbert Bauernschmidt - An architecht in Germany

Ralph Bauerschmidt - IT consulting firm in Karlrushe, Germany

Arts, Fashion and Photography

Blair Bauerschmidt - a fashion designer and artist in New York City

Frank Bauernschmitt - German artist, check out some of his work at one world or the Klepacki gallery. - Marie Luise Bauerschmidt is a sculptor in the Berlin area. English translation

Tierfoto - Jutta Bauernschmitt, photography

Bauerschmidt Portraits - specializing in portraits of families and children

Fotodesign - Sylvia Bauernschmitt-Lehneis photography studio, Streitberg, Germany


Fachmarkt Bauernschmidt - A German firm specializing in kitchen remodeling, furnaces, hobby rooms and garden furniture.

Horst Bauerschmidt Group - Struth-Helmersdorf, Germany - Plastic bags, plastic wrapping materials & high-quality polyethylene foils, English Version

Motorrad-Bauerschmidt - A Yamaha motorcycle dealership in Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germany

Polsterei Bauernschmidt - An upholstery shop in Zapfendorf, Germany

Bauernschmidt Roofing - General contractor specializing in roofing and siding, Norman, OK

Küchen Design - Bauerschmitt & Russ - a kitchen design and remodeling firm in Germany

Bauerschmidt & Sons, Inc - Commerical woodworking, St. Albans, NY

Bauernschmitt Construction - a home building and remodeling firm in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania

Gemini Universe - a shop specializing in clothing, jewelery and accessories located in Vienna, Austria

Personal Websites

The following are links to "Bauerschmidt" websites, so you can see who owns the "Bauerschmidt" internet domain names and how they are using them. / / - This website. You are already here. / / - Paul Bauerschmidt's personal webpage - The family web page of David and Melanie Bauernschmidt; usually has family pictures displayed. - Margarete Bauerschmitt, under construction - Thomas Bauernschmitt personal web site - chairman of the left-wing party of the Socialist Democrats in Ilm-Kreis, Germany

Erik-Jacob Bauerschmidt - personal website and photo album

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt - Associate Professor in Theology at Loyola College in Maryland - Georg Bauerschmitt, under construction

Gisela Bauernschmitt - School District Director for the Domshule and Wildensorger School in Bamberg Germany

Josef Bauerschmidt - statistics page for the former Bundesliga soccer player of the mid 1960s

Kerstin Bauerschmidt - her personal webpage - personal wepage of Lars Bauernschmitt

Lina Bauerschmidt-Stiftung a charitable foundation dedicated to the education of the youth from the area of Kulmbach, Germany - Maria Bauerschmidt; contains little more than her picture.

Regina Bauerschmitz - currently being used by her daughter Isabella

Steve Bauerschmidt - His online photo collection.

Sven Bauerschmidt - his personal web page

Vivien Bauernschmidt - lead singer for the German pop group 'Aloha from Hell'. You can find several fan or photo sites for her on the web. Note that although she is German the bands songs are all in English.

Bauernschmitt Wiki - a wiki site

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