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This site is devoted to research on the "Bauerschmidt" name and its variant spellings (Baurschmidt, Bauerschmitt, Bauernschmidt, Bauernschmitt, Bauerschiedt, etc.). It is intended to be a source of information on the origins of the surname and the genealogy of the individuals that possess the name.

How many Bauerschmidt's are there in the world? Definitely more than 1,000, but possibly less than 10,000. Although it is not a common surname, it is not true that all Bauerschmidts are related. However, our numbers are small enough that we can share information. Often, while researching passenger lists or census returns, you come across Bauerschmidt individuals that are not your ancestors. This web site will allow you to pass on these leads to other researchers who may be looking for that individual.

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About the Surname Learn about the history and meaning of the Bauerschmidt surname.
Variant Spellings Explore different spellings of the Bauerschmidt surname.
Research - Getting Started Find helpful resources and tips for starting your Bauerschmidt genealogy research.
United States Bauerschmidts Discover information about Bauerschmidt families in the United States.
European Bauerschmidts Explore the European origins and branches of the Bauerschmidt surname.
Famous Bauerschmidts Learn about notable individuals with the Bauerschmidt surname and their accomplishments.
Immigration Database Search a database of Bauerschmidt immigration to the US.
Census Database Search a database of Bauerschmidt individuals found in various census records.
Fun Bauerschmidt Sites Discover entertaining and interesting websites related to the Bauerschmidt surname.