This web site is devoted to research on the "Bauerschmidt" name and its variant spellings (Baurschmidt, Bauerschmitt, Bauernschmidt, Bauernschmitt, Bauerschiedt, etc.). It is intended to be a source of information on the origins of the surname and the genealogy of the individuals that possess the name.

How many "Bauerschmidts" are there in the world? Definitely more than 1,000, but possibly less than 10,000. Although it is not a common surname, it is NOT true that all Bauerschmidts are related. However, our numbers are small enough that we can share information. Often, while researching passenger lists or census returns, you come across Bauerschmidt individuals that are not your ancestors. This web site will allow you to pass on these leads to other researchers who may be looking for that individual.

What's New

October, 2010
Updates to US, Europe, Famous and Fun pages, as well as new maps and materials on the Variant Spellings page.
August, 2008
Updates to Austria, Belgium and Germany surname histories. Annual update of Fun Links section. Additions to Famous Bauerschmidts section.
September, 2007
Updated the US Bauerschmidts and Fun Bauerschmidt Links pages with new data.
January, 2006
Added the earliest “Bauerschmidt” image we know of.

Site Contents

About The Surname Information on the origin and meaning of the name
Variant Spellings A discussion of several of the variant spellings of the name
Getting Started How to get started on your research with specific tips to help you locate your ancestors immigration records and determine where they emigrated from
United States Bauerschmidts Information on Bauerschmidt clans in the U.S. and contacts for further research, organized by state
Information on Bauerschmidt clans in Europe and contacts for further research, organized by country
Searchable Databases Most complete listing of Bauerschmidt immigration & census records available in one location. Search for your ancestors online!
Immigration Database - Census Database
A brief listing of some of the more notable individuals who have shared this surname
Several links to websites with the "Bauerschmidt" them. Businesses or domain names containing the word "Bauerschmidt"
Ask for help locating your lost ancestor. Perhaps another Bauerschmidt researcher has already located information on this individual

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